End-to-Endpoint Network Security


Simplify and Secure Your Network With Tailscale

Tailscale is a software-only solution that enables an incremental shift to zero-trust networking by implementing “always-on” remote access. In turn, this guarantees a consistent, portable, and secure experience independent of physical location.

Integrations with existing OAuth2 and SAML authentication services (such as Azure Active Directory, Google G-Suite, and more) ease deployment, while strong encryption, ACL support, and point-to-point communications ensure robust security. Simple, yet powerful logging aggregates and stores authentication and access data for monitoring, alerting, and compliance. A combination of automatically managed user and machine certificates safeguards your network and provides much-needed oversight of all endpoints, from servers to mobile devices.

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Avery Pennarun previously consulted to Alphabet sen­ior leader­ship and led Google Fiber's giga­bit WiFi and plat­form ana­lytics team. His open source proj­ects inc­lude wvdial, sshuttle, bup, and redo. He started Nitix, which sold to IBM in 2008. Avery is on the Board of Directors for a Schedule-I Canadian bank.

David Crawshaw is formerly a Staff Soft­ware Eng­in­eer at Google, where he speci­al­ized in peta­byte-scale logs pro­cess­ing. He port­ed the Go lang­uage plat­form to mob­ile dev­ices and implem­ented TCP/IP net­work­ing for Fuchsia.

David Carney is the former COO/­CFO of, where he boot­strap­ped the com­pany to 50 emp­loyees and mil­lions in rev­enue. He has over two dec­ades of experi­ence in consul­ting, soft­ware engin­eering, and prog­ram man­age­ment.


Our typical customer has complex networking and security requirements that, in order to meet, would normally cause widespread disruptions and impose long-term burdens on employee productivity. It is not uncommon for such businesses to have numerous internal applications that need to be better isolated and secured. Moreover, there is generally a desire to enable more remote access, but the in-place solution is problematic and inflexible.

Tailscale addresses all of these problems. It empowers IT and information security groups to better meet their objectives, while keeping users happy, improving productivity, and reducing overall company risk.



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